Established in 2011, Gran Fondo La Fortuna was created as a friends ride that grew into a semi-mass event . Gran Fondo la Fortuna, the main event is complemented by another 3 events done throughout the year.



Is to provide a value added service through the conceptualization and creation of events and routes that  provide a challenging exit out of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, through paved roads apt for road bicycles. 

To, also, provide the necessary logistical support and aid stations on the way for all the participants; upon arrival at the destination of each ride, account and have all participants showered and fed in an upscale hotel facility and provide the necessary transportation back to the starting point.


At Gran Fondo La Fortuna, we specialize in Gran Fondo style road biking excursions for established and expert bikers of mid high to high physical condition and technical skills.