Rules and conditions of participation in GFLF events

GFLF – Gran Fondo La Fortuna is a series of cycling events that includes: GFLF Dominical, GFLF Siquirres, GFLF Muelle de San Carlos and Gran Fondo La Fortuna. Our mission is to provide a value-added service through the conceptualization and creation of “rides” or “fondos” with routes that provide a difficult and aspirational “bucket list” kind of experience, through a safe exit from the central valley of Costa Rica, using suitable Paved roads for road bikes.

The following rules apply to ALL GFLF events, whether the regularGFLF Dominical, GFLF Siquirres, GFLF Muelle de San Carlos and Gran Fondo La Fortuna and / or extraordinary or special events.

The rules are:


Registration to any GFLF event is open to participants 18 years of age or older. GFLF reserves the right to decide how many participants per event and the dates of cuts and enrollment closures.
Each participant is responsible and must assure that their health status is sufficient for the physical demands of the event.
Each participant is responsible for having sufficient insurance coverage. GFLF may offer additional insurance at its own discretion. For foreign participants, additional travelers insurance must be shown at number pick-up, foreign participants will not be given the participation number and bracelet if insurance is not shown.
GFLF reserves the right, in its sole and complete discretion, to deny registration, revoke any applicant’s application for registration at any time, and / or disqualify any individual from the Event.
Refund Policy:

Entries are NOT reimbursable, transferable or deferred except in the following two cases:

  • That the participant reports by suitable means to the organization with at least 1 calendar month in advance of their proven inability to attend the event. In this case 90% of the registration will be refunded, minus transactions fees.
  • That the participant inform by appropriate means to the organization with two calendar weeks of anticipation of its proven impossibility to attend the event. In this case 40% of the registration will be refunded.



Any bike that is fit to circulate and technically usable on the streets of Costa Rica is allowed. The following is not allowed for security reasons:

  • The triathlon bicycles,
  • Time trial bikes,
  • tandems,
  • Reclining bikes known as “recumbents,
  • Bicycles and bicycles with chair seats (except for athletes with disabilities),
  • Mono cycles.
  • Unsafe bikes may be prohibited at any time by the organization before and during the event.

Although not prohibited, we strongly do not recommend the use of Mountain Bikes or MTBs for these events as they move slower than road bikes and cause delays to other participants and the organization.

Helmets should be worn by all participants at all times! These must be properly fastened with the chin strap at all times while driving.

Bicycle number: The number plate must be attached to the handle bar and clearly visible from the front at all times. Any alteration of the number will result in a time penalty or disqualification or the timing chips may not work properly.

Jersey number number: The jersey number must be worn in the jersey pockets, joined by gauze. Any incorrect positioning or alteration of the number may result in a time penalty or disqualification.

Event Bracelet: The event bracelet must be worn at all times during the event.

Headphones: The use of headphones is strictly prohibited and will lead to immediate disqualification.

Spares: Participants must carry at least one spare tire and an inflator or CO2 cartridge

Behavior before and during the race

  • No participant can insult or disrespect members of the organization, officials, employees, participants, volunteers or spectators.
  • No participant may use rude or abusive language during any GFLF.
  • No participant may use force or engage in fights with any person related to any GFLF, including, but not limited to, participants, spectators, public officials, volunteers, staff, etc.

Any breach of the above rules of conduct will result in disqualification and a lifetime suspension of  GFLF – Gran Fondo La Fortuna events.

Road behavior

  • Cyclists have to obey all laws of the road including traffic lights, stop signs, etc … Offenders can be fined by traffic police, local and / or disqualified and removed from the event.
  • No cyclist can make a sudden or reckless move in order to interfere with the progress of another participant, either intentionally or by accident.
  • Any participant considered to be a danger to other participants may be disqualified by GFLF either before, during or after the event.
  • If a participant is on the ground and in visible difficulty, the participant who follows it has to stop and help unless there are already at least three people helping. It may continue if: a) the victim is well or b) the medical staff has arrived. Help others, you may need help one day!
  • Failure to comply with the aid obligation described above will result in disqualification and a lifetime suspension at Gran Fondo La Fortuna, S.A.


Any disposal of garbage or food outside the designated garbage containers at service stations is prohibited and may result in a time penalty or disqualification and a lifelong suspension GFLF events. Just as with the case of urinating, for this purpose the organization has enabled chemical baths in all the aid stations posts.

Acceptance of Risk and release of responsibility:

All people participating and competing under these rules do so at their own risk. No liability shall lie with the GFLF or any of its officers with respect to any loss or damage suffered or caused by any person participating, competing or riding in any GFLF event.

Participant – Companion Cars:

In GFLF we make a great effort to provide very complete aid stations, aid motorcycles and en route mechanics, so that the participants do not need external assistance to the organization.

At the same time we understand that family members and / or drivers hired for that purpose want to go near the participants to accompany them.

To mitigate the negative impact of the companion cars, we make the following suggestions:

  • Ask the companions not follow the participants all the way! Ask them to take alternate routes and wait in places where they do not interfere with the event or regular traffic.
  • Ask the companions not cut or go by the peloton or group of cyclists and interfere!
  • Ask the companions respect the trafic laws !
  • Ask the companions take care of cyclists and pedestrians in the street!
  • Cyclists usually travel faster than cars on the doenhills, so it is very likely that the cars of the companions can not follow closely. This fact has led to accompanying cars infringing the law and endanger all participants! Ask the companions not follow closely, as this actions may endanger the very cyclist they are following.

We can not restrict and / or prohibit that the companions of the participants follow them in their cars, but we ask for the cooperation of all in this delicate subject that is intimately related to the safety of cyclists, other street users and even the companions themselves.

The disrespect of these rules of the companion cars will lead to the intervention of the Police who will be informed by the organization of the conduct, disqualification of the participant from the event and a lifelong suspension in GFLF – Gran Fondo La Fortuna events.

Changes in these rules

Rules may be modified if deemed necessary at GFLF’s sole discretion.