Another thorough test of endurance that starts Santa Ana and rides up to Vara Blanca town (2105 meters above sea level) right beside the Poas Volcano, for a total accumulated ascent of 1080+ meters in 22.5 kilometers, avg. grade of 5%. A daring 28 kilometers technical decent follows, passing through the impressive La Paz waterfall and the earthquake devastated town of Cinchona to San Miguel de Sarapiquí where participants experience high heat and humidity on the rolling road to Aguas Zarcas before the final ascent of 9 kilometers to Ciudad Quesada, followed by a 12 kilometer downhill into Muelle de San Carlos and Hotel Tilajari.

  • Date: March 02, 2019. 
  • 125+ kilometers.
  • 2900+ meters of accumulated ascent
  • Altitude: Departure: 1105mts. Max: 2105 meters. and 80+ meters minimal.
  • 22 kilometers of ascent from the Morera Soto Stadium to the intersection of Vara Blanca with an average of 5% makes it a “HC” category port, followed by a downhill of 28 kilometers to San Miguel de Sarapiqui.
  • Temperature variations ranging from 13° to 32° degrees, sun – mist – rain – high humidity, all possible along the way.
  • 3 Aid Stations.
  • Another unique natural scenery on the way through the area devastated by the 2009 Cinchona earthquake, and the hopeful New Cinchona, the hydroelectric project of Cariblanco and several cities in the north of Costa Rica such as San Miguel de Sarapiqui, Aguas Zarcas, Venecia, Ciudad Quesada and Florencia to finish in Muelle de San Carlos.

Route Details

Approximate Distance: 125+ kms.

Mapa GFLF Muelle

The Journey: Santa Ana  – Morera Soto  Stadium in Alajuela– Carrizal – Los Cartagos – Vara Blanca – La Paz Waterfall – Cinchona – San Miguel de Sarapiquí – Rio Cuarto – Venecia – Aguas Zarcas – Ciudad Quesada – Florencia – Muelle de San Carlos – Hotel Tilajari.


The Down Hill from Vara Blanca to San Miguel de Sarapiquí is very technical, fast and dangerous, even with very good road conditions, there are very narrow road turns with high gradients in the first fourth of the down hill and since it is an open road there might be traffic, heavy traffic!!

For 2017, the DOWNHILL FROM VARA BLANCA ALL THE WAY DOWN TO CARIBLANCO WILL BE NEUTRALIZED. That means there will be no time recorded in this segment.

The portion that requires the most care is found right before the La Paz Waterfall Gardens Hotel!

We recommend extreme care and responsibility in this section.


Altimetría Muelle

The 1.5 kilómetre sections that begins  400 meters before the Hotel Waterfall Gardens Hotel and until the Bayly bridge at the la Paz waterfall assistance post is located.

For 2017, the DOWNHILL FROM VARA BLANCA ALL THE WAY DOWN TO CARIBLANCO WILL BE NEUTRALIZED. That means there will be no time recorded in this segment.


Left Curve: After the old El Angel Factory (destroyed in the  2009 Cinchona earthquake) there is a very long and fast section that ends in a series of tight left handed curves that demand close attention and care, please be aware!


From Morera Soto Stadium up until Vara Blanca there are not many turns that could be troublesome, therefore the first is located in Vara Blanca. Since we are coming from Los Cartagos, the turn at the Vara Blanca junction should be a right turn towards San Miguel de Sarapiquí, at the gas station. Towards the La Paz Waterfall Gardens Hotel.

1. El primer cruce de consideración esta en San Miguel de Sarapiquí, unos 27 kms. Después del cruce de Vara Blanca, este cruce esta en bajada y es bien cerrado, HAY QUE IR HACIA AGUAS ZARCAS (ruta 140):

2. Cruce de Ciudad Quesada hacia Florencia de San Carlos (viene de ruta 140 y hacia ruta 141).


3. Cruce de Florencia hacia Muelle de San Carlos

Climate in this area changes rapidly and sometimes radically due to the caribbean influence. You can expect sunny weather up to Carrizal from there misty or light rain and fog are possible up to Los Cartagos – Vara Blanca and , even, on the down hill to San Miguel de Sarapiquí (hopefully not).

Almost always, Los Cartagos and Vara Blanca are cold (10 to 13 degrees) and there will the need for a light vest or windbreaker, after heat, high humidity and/or rain the rest of the way to Muelle de San Carlos. Please bring a light vest or jacket at least.


  • THIS IS NOT A RACE, there aren’t any closed roads nor police escorts , everyone participates at there own risk in understanding of the risks of a journey of this nature.
  • For 2017, the DOWNHILL FROM VARA BLANCA ALL THE WAY DOWN TO CARIBLANCO WILL BE NEUTRALIZED. That means there will be no time recorded in this segment.
  • Please have your bicycle checked before the event, specially breaks and breakpads, tires and shifting for this event. The down hill sections are fast and we recommend strong caution and a perfectly working bicycle.
  • We will ride behind a “Pace Car” that can not be overtaken  until we reach the Morera Soto Stadium in downtown Alajuela. This measure is important so none gets lost in  the begining of the event.

Assistance posts:

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • There will be a broom bus and ambulances from the start.