Gran Fondo La Forturna

Gran Fondo La Fortuna is an annual Italian style Gran Fondo cycling event that travels from the city of Santa Ana in western San José to the city of La Fortuna, in San Carlos, right next to the Arenal Volcano. The journey takes participants along the “old road” to the city of San Ramon, passing through the City of Grecia, known for its metal Church, the city of Sarchí, cradle of the painted “carretas” and home to the largest Carreta in the world, Naranjo, city an area known for the exquisite quality of its coffees, Palmares “a town to make friends” and San Ramon, before starting the descent to the plains of San Carlos via Bajo Rodriguez, Santa Clara, Florencia de San Carlos, Muelle de San Carlos, passing by Hotel Tilajari, Tanque, La Fortuna de San Carlos on to ECOTERMALES Hot Springs.


Participants will face a challenging 159+ kilometers of up-hills, rolling hills, and plains where they can compete against each other, against the clock, against the route, the weather conditions and, of course, themselves in a personal challenge of endurance on bicycle.

  • 2599+ meters of ascent
  • Altitude: Departure: 1050mts. Max: 1,612 meters, min. 100 meters minimal.
  • 6 cities covering the “old road” to San Ramón of Alajuela and 4 more in the northern plains to La Fortuna
  • Temperature range from 17° to 40°, sun – fog – rain – humidity all possible along the way
  • 3 Fully loaded Aid Stations every 40+ km.
  • Breathtaking scenery of Costa Rican landscape including views of the Arenal Volcano.

Route Details

Approximate Distance: 159+ KM


The climate in this journey is variable, participants can expect sunny and hot conditions all the way to San Ramón, some fog and mist and/or rain from San Ramón through to Los Angeles de San Ramón and all the way down to Bajo Rodríguez, then heat and high humidity in the northern plains.

Special care should be taken on the DH section from Los Angeles de San Ramón to Bajo Rodriguez if the roads are wet. The descent is fast and technical!!


The event departs from Terrazas Mall in Lindora, Santa Ana (in front of Forum II Office Center) seeking Ojo de Agua – to Barrio San José, Cacao de Alajuela – Carrillos de Alajuela – Tacares de Grecia – Grecia city – Sarchí city – Naranjo city – Palmares city – San Ramón city – Los Angeles de San Ramon – Bajo Rodríguez – Cruce de Chachagua – Santa Clara – Florencia de San Carlos – Muelle de San Carlos – pass by Hotel Tilajari – Tanque de San Carlos – La Fortuna on to ECOTERMALES Hot Springs (5km from the La Fortuna park).

For a detailed description of the route and/or .gpx file, please refer to our Strava Club @:



  • THIS IS NOT A RACE, so there aren’t any closed roads nor police escorts, everyone participates at there own risk in understanding of the risks of a journey of this nature.
  • Please have your bicycle checked before the event, specially breaks and breakpads,and shifting, we also recommend new tires for this event. The down hill sections are fast and we recommend strong caution and a perfectly working bicycle.
  • We will ride behind a “Pace Car” that can not be overtaken  until we reach the Barrio San Jose in Alajuela. This measure is important so none gets lost in  the beginning of the event.
  • All international clients must bring medical insurance proof.

Aid Stations:

  • Right before downtown Naranjo city (kilometer 49),
  • Highest point in Los Ángeles de San Ramón (kilometer 79.7),
  • Santa Clara town (kilometer 113)

There will be a “broom” bus and an ambulance following the event from Santa Ana to the finish.